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Your people and your mission are your most valuable assets. ISB SECURITY provides innovative services in the areas of PROTECTION, POLICY and EDUCATION to help keep your mission and your people safe."

ISB Security focuses on creating real solutions for all your security needs. The right plan and well balanced strategy of Protection, Policy, and Education will send a clear message that, first and foremost, you care about your staff, students, customers, partners, and all other stakeholders. While it is critical to focus on physical and technological security, without the proper policy and education, long term security will not be sustainable. ISB Security has years of experience in working with schools, houses of worship, nonprofit organizations, and businesses of all types. Utilizing industry best practices and proven strategies ISB Security brings all encompassing security solutions to your place of business. 

Certifications and Affiliations of the Team

  • Advanced critical infrastructure protection
  • Critical Asset Risk Management
  • Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience
  • Jurisdictional Threat and Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment
  • Critical Infrastructure Key Resources Asset Protection Technical Assistance Program
  • Providing Executive Protection
  • Fusion Liaison Officer Training
  • How to Respond to The Active Shooter Situation
  • Post Incident Planning and Recovery